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Daily Prayer Topics

40 Days of Prayer Leading Up to the Election

Day 1

September 27, 2024

Humility, repentance, and unity during these 40 days.


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Day 2

September 28, 2024

Praying for sanctification and turning from our wicked ways in the church

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Day 3

September 29, 2024

Repentance from idolatry and materialism

With Darren Mulligan

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Day 4

September 30, 2024

Repentance from strife and division in the church

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Day 5

October 1, 2024

Repentance from lethargy and complacency

With Tom Roy

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Day 6

October 2, 2024

Repentance from self sufficiency and pride

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Day 7

October 3, 2024

Repentance over pornography and all sexual impurity


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Day 8

October 4, 2024

Praying for pastors and church leadership

With Dr. Mark Jobe

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Day 9

October 5, 2024

Praying for a revival for the Word of God and prayer

With Matthew West

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Day 10

October 6, 2024

Praying for revival in church

With Byron Paulus

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Day 11

October 7, 2024

Praying for the lost to know Christ


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Day 12

October 8, 2024

Praying for unity and against division in society

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Day 13

October 9, 2024

Praying for families

With Dave and Ann Wilson

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Day 14

October 10, 2024

Praying for marriages

With Lysa TerKeurst

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Day 15

October 11, 2024

Praying for widows, orphans, and foster kids


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Day 16

October 12, 2024

Praying for our youth

With Geoff Eckart

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Day 17

October 13, 2024

Praying for transformation in schools and universities

With Thai Lam

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Day 18

October 14, 2024

Praying for the poor, homeless, depressed, and sick in America


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Day 19

October 15, 2024

Praying for sanctity of life

With Roxy Lamorgese

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Day 20

October 16, 2024

Praying for truth and accountability in the media

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Day 21

October 17, 2024

Praying for transformation in the entertainment industry

With Karen Covell

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Day 22

October 18, 2024

Praying for our economy, jobs, and our daily provisions


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Day 23

October 19, 2024

Praying that business in America would glorify God

With Dave Holly

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Day 24

October 20, 2024

Praying for exposure of malicious intent in government

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Day 25

October 21, 2024

Praying for justice and accountability in government

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Day 26

October 22, 2024

Praying for the protection and return to the Constitution and Bill of Rights

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Day 27

October 23, 2024

Praying for Congress

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Day 28

October 24, 2024

Praying for the Supreme Court

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Day 29

October 25, 2024

Praying for the President

With Dave Kubal

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Day 30

October 26, 2024

Praying for your state Governor and leadership

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Day 31

October 27, 2024

Praying for the armed forces and veterans

With Marketo Michel

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Day 32

October 28, 2024

Praying for police, firefighters, and first responders

With Mel Keaton

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Day 33

October 29, 2024

Praying for fiscal responsibility in government

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Day 34

October 30, 2024

Praying for the peace and protection of Israel


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Day 35

October 31, 2024

Praying for protection of religious liberty


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Day 36

November 1, 2024

Praying for protection and wisdom with domestic and foreign threats and wars

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Day 37

November 2, 2024

Praying for integrity in the election

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Day 38

November 3, 2024

Praying for God’s people to turn out to vote

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Day 39

November 4, 2024

Praying for people to have wisdom on how to vote

With G.O. Kelly

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Day 40

November 5, 2024

ELECTION DAY! Praying for God’s will to be done in the 2024 election

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